The Rainfall is an altered melee game for Warcraft 3 TFT, which features one heavily modified race : Humans. The gameplay is reworked with multiple features and improvements, and offers new Heroes, units, abilities, buildings and items.

This project was started with the goal to create a RTS game that will be satisfactory as a strategy game. The focus of gameplay design will be more on minimizing clicking requirement, and letting players to comfortably build strategy.

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Short Story

After a mysterious rainfall caused flood and massive havoc, the human kingdoms were left in ruins and chaos. Many lives are lost, and the desperate need of talented leaders arises.

Fortunately, the brave and wise commanders lead their surviving followers to rebuild and recover their lands. During this period, their leadership have established a reformed civilization. New talents, policies and technologies appear. The army is now reorganized and become more powerful.

Even though the situation is improving, the rain has not fully subsided yet.
Turbulent times bring about unpredictable changes, natural disasters could provide the catalyst for a civil conflict. Competing for supremacy over the human land, these commanders harbor secret ambitions for a unified humanity; a new order of their own customs and beliefs.




WC3ScrnShot_020818_105257_02.jpgExperience the powerful spells
Each hero has a total of 28 spells, which players have to choose carefully. Items and minions also have many new abilities. These different combinations offer unending possibilities.


WC3ScrnShot_020818_113410_10 copy 2.jpgMaster the new tactics
While maintaining base building, this game introduces a new gameplay, which is point capturing. Each additional gold mine on the map acts like a “point”, where you can build a Trading Post on it to gain advantage in battle.


Untitled-25.jpgFight without distraction
When engaged on battlefield, the system is designed so there is lesser need for multitasking base management while fighting.


WC3ScrnShot_020818_125927_02 c copyEnjoy the relaxed pace
Multiple systems have incorporated depth of a turn-based game to reduce reliance on speed : Improved defender’s advantage, gold refund that reduces slippery slope, gold hoarding is encouraged, technologies are delivered daily, and many more.

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