Basic RGB

Attack Damage :   19 – 21 Production Hot Key :   A
Attack Speed :   2.35 Costs :   3400 gold
Attack Range :   550 Food used :   5
Attack Type :   Pierce
Build Time :   19
Attack Target :   Land and Air units
Unit Type / Class :   Female Human / Adventurer
Armor :   Medium / 1 Health :   355
Movement Speed / Type :   270 / Walk
Health Regeneration :   0.25
Day Sight :   1400
Mana :   450
Night Sight :   800
Mana Regeneration :   1.5


BTNWaracademy.JPG Arena


BTNRapidFire3  Burst of Speed
Increases this unit’s attack speed & movement speed by 25% for 7 seconds.
– Cooldown : 30        – Mana Cost : 150        – Hot Key : C

BTNPlaydead  Play Dead   (requires Advanced Tactics)
Creates a corpse of Orc Slave at a target point. This skill may be useful for other skills.

– Range : 350        – Cooldown : 35        – Mana Cost : 150        – Hot Key : V

BTNBiggamehunterAdv  Big Game Hunter   (passive)
Each attack against Unarmored minion will deal bonus damage equal to 9% of its maximum hit points.

Common Abilities
BTNSleep23  Rest            BTNCRWarcry  Rampage            BTNLoad  Ride Gyrcopter


BTNMageArmor  Fashion   (House)
All women will receive 20% less spell damage.

scrollofspeed  Haste   (Academy)
Increases movement speed of all Human & Elven minions by 45.

BTNSpell_Holy_MindVision  Sports Festival   (Keep)
Increases attack range of all Adventurer type minions by 150.


Archers are basic attacking unit that are available for training at Day 2.
Their long ranged attacks are good for hit and run tactics.

Generally, Archers are good against Unarmored units (Sorceress, Monk) & Air units (Flying Dwarf, Gyrocopter, Pegasus Rider).

They are weak against Pikeman, Knight, Hunter, Dark Mage.

Use Play Dead if you need corpses to use the item Tome of the Dead.
Cast it near enemy units to use Overkill to efficiently deal maximum damage’

Website below

Units produced by :
BTNVillageHall  Village Hall

BTNElfVillager  Builder  BTNPeasantWoman  Gold Digger  BTNVillagerMan3  Lumberjack  BTNRiderlessHorse  Caravan


Units produced by :
BTNWaracademy  Arena

BTNHeroMountainKing  Pikeman  BTNArcherHuman  Archer  BTNKnight  Knight
BTNAssassin2  Rogue  BTNRifleman  Hunter  BTNHighElvenArcher  Pegasus Rider


Units produced by :
BTNarcane  University

BTNSorceress  Sorceress  BTNHumanprietess  Priestess  BTNTrickster3  Trickster
BTNDwarvenPirate  Monk  BTNMywizard  Dark Mage


Units produced by :
BTNWorkshop2  Workshop

BTNFlyingMachine  Flying Dwarf  BTNMortarTeam  Engineer Squad  BTNGyrocopter2  Gyrocopter 2.0

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