Basic Information

Differences from Warcraft 3


No races, humans by default.

No neutral hostiles.

Each player’s start location is random and team players will not affect the randomness.

Day cycle = 360 sec/6 min. Have weather system (refer Rain).

Cannot share resources, shop, items and control.

No upkeep system, but will gather less resources over time. Trees now have more hp for longer harvesting.

Construction starts with bonus 50% progress during early game. Tax will deduct the bonus.

Cannot build structure on roads outside castle.

Cooperative building is slower.

Research upgrades immediately, but delivered next day.


Peace treaty : Heroes can not use items, skills and train fighting army before day 2.

Can only train 1 Hero that costs no food & max level 12.

Heroes have different skill learning system. (advisor)

You can buy items without anyone near the seller.

If an item in inventory boosts health, it can not be dropped or sold if the Hero’s health is not full. Same goes for mana.

Heroes will gain free experience over time, not from killing units.

Heroes revive free for 60 seconds.


Cannot attack friendly units, except your own buildings.

Clicking Hold Position twice, the unit (minion only) will not attack.

Fortified armor
normal – 50% | siege, chaos & pierce – 100% | magic – 35%

Hero Armor
normal – 50% | chaos & pierce – 100% | siege & magic – 35%

Killing enemy minions will get bounty.

Destroyed minion and building will refund gold cost.

Player loses game if all buildings near his castle are destroyed. All Town Halls destroyed will not reveal.


WC3ScrnShot_020718_092449_03 b

Rain : Indicates time remaining for clear weather or raining.

Tax : Starting day 2, tax increases by 1% every 20 seconds, maximum 90%. Gold mined and salvaged are deductable by tax. (gold salvaged is 100% refund from dead minions). Tax will also deduct the bonus construction progress.

Tech : Used to research upgrades that arrive next day. Gets additional 2 daily.

Token : Used to gamble in Gambler’s Den. Gets additional 1 daily.

XP : Total amount of experience your hero will get every 2.5-7.5 seconds. Heroes will get experience even if dead. If reach max level, additional xp will give gold instead.

Power : Certain abilities use Power. Regenerates every 3.5-8.5 seconds.

Day : New day starts every 6 am.

Bounty : Total amount of gold received from bounty. If a minion is dead, the killer’s player get 5% gold bounty, while dead hero gets 500 gold.

Loss : Total amount of gold deducted by tax when salvaging destroyed minions and buildings. The losses also include refund deducted when constructing structure is destroyed. When killing opposing hero all your team member will get a special bounty that recover a portion their losses. (no ally : 25%, 1 ally : 11%, 2 allies : 6%)

Ration : Gives max 80 xp by default. Every food used will deduct the xp.

Focus : Gives max 60 xp by default. Building stucture without Hero having Commander’s Presence will deduct 20 xp until the structure is finish or destroyed. Each barrack that trains unit without Commander’s Presence will also deduct 20 xp for a minimum of 35 seconds. Will not deduct if Focus xp is 0 or Hero is not trained yet. (Hero will have Commander’s Presence when near Keep, Village Hall or Ambassador)

Vigilance : The total xp get from activated Vigilance skill from Watch Tower.

Popularity : Gives 30 xp if the hero is alive and mega skill (level 8) is ready to cast (not in cooldown). Statue gives 30 xp.


BTNTavern.JPG   Trading Post
Increases limit of Trading Posts by 1 everyday.

BTNHumanArcaneTower   Tower
Increases limit of Towers by 1 everyday. Towers are any combination of Arcane Tower, Observer Tower (Card of Fate) & Guard Tower (Warlord skill).

BTNRallyPoint   Barrack
Increases limit by 1 whenever the Hero gains level. Maximum limit fixed at 4. Barracks are any combination of Arena, School of Magic & Workshop.

BTNEnchantedTree   Enchanted Tree
Maximum limit fixed at 6.

BTNThe_BlackArcher   Statue
Statues are any combination of Sentinel Statue and Grand Statue. Requires upgrade to increase limit to 4.

BTNHouse2   House
Maximum limit fixed at 8.


Advisor learns skill for Hero and maximum 3 different skills only.

All the Hero skills have 3 talents. Ultimate skills have 2 talents.

When a skill is learnt, you can select a talent for the skill and will take 15 seconds for the skill to ready for Hero.

Can only select or change talent if Hero has Commander’s Presence (near Keep, Village Hall or Ambassador).

Cannot change talent if the main skill is in cooldown.


If raining, all minions cannot cast spells.

There is a chance the rain is accompanied by lightning storm. It usually occur after 9-14 rains after day 2.

The lightning randomly strikes a unit (each per player) that deals 750 spell damage and 350 to nearby units (200 aoe).

Strikes every 3.3 seconds when raining.

Will not strike your units near your buildings that have Commander’s Presence (Village Hall or Keep). Also will not strike mechanical or spell immune units.

Game Commands

-tips : enable/disable tips.
-rng : roll dice.
-ms : check movement speed of selected unit.

-yes : enable production of corpses for Corpse bombardment.
-no : disable production of corpses for Corpse bombardment.
-ch : display stats gained from Courage & Honor.

2 thoughts on “Basic Information

  1. Donna H Degen May 13, 2018 — 2:14 am

    I can never get an academy… or war horses… what am i doing wrong?


    1. Did you select a battleplan? (Hero)


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