Common Abilities

Most non-hero units may have any abilities from this list

BTNSleep2  Rest
Whenever this unit is fully rested for 9 seconds (not moving) during night, gains bonus 2 hit points permanently. Maximum bonus is 120 hit points.
During night, if Barrack has finished training a unit that has Rest and the Hero has Commander’s Presence, the unit is considered fully rested from beginning of night until now and gains bonus hit points accordingly.

BTNCRWarcry  Rampage
If this unit is auto attacking, it will attack 100% faster and maim attacked minions for 6 seconds. Maimed units will have reduced movement speed based on percentage of its missing hit points. (% hp loss x 1.3)

BTNLoad  Ride Gyrocopter
Permanent rides a Gyrocopter if this unit has full hit points and mana, giving the below benefits to it :
– Resistant Armor
– restores hit points & mana based on this unit
– can use this unit’s main skills
– bonus hit points from this unit’s Rest.
– ridden Gyrocopter will always refund 80% of the rider’s gold value if destroyed.
Casting Time : 1.5        Range : 300        Hot Key : F

BTNHoldPosition  Hold Position
The default hold position for minions has a new feature : order again to disable or enable attack, other orders will enable the attack.
Hot Key : H

BTNCharm2  Commander’s Presence
If your Hero is nearby this unit, enables certain benefits :
– Allows the Hero to select Talent, Battleplan & Reset skills.
– Allows Research & Gambling.
– Training unit during night will have better Rest level.
– Training unit or build structure will not deduct Focus xp.
– Lightning Storm will not strike units near this building
Range : 2000 (Village Hall, Keep), 450 (Ambassador)

All Heroes have this list of abilities

Spells available from Card of Fate. This item cannot be dropped and you can top up from Market. Each spell costs one charge. All these spells share cooldown with each other, but not with other items. Can only be used from Day 2 onwards.

BTNNecromancerAdept.JPG  Magician
Restores 120 mana of Hero over 20 seconds.
– Cooldown : 6        – Hot Key : W

BTNReinforcedBurrows  Fortitude   (requires Imperial Age)
Fortifies your constructed buildings in a target area by increasing their armor by 40. Lasts 7 seconds.
– Range / Aoe : global / 325        – Cooldown : 10        – Hot Key : E

BTNPriestMaster.JPG  High Priestess
Heals Hero for 220 hit points over 20 seconds.
– Casting Time : 0.8       – Cooldown : 6        – Hot Key : R

BTNMassTeleport.JPG  Twin
Restores hit point and mana of both Hero and targeted friendly minion based on current food. (20 + (Ration xp*2))
– Range : 650       – Cooldown : 8        – Hot Key : T

BTNFarSight.JPG  Sun
Reveals nearby invisible units for 10 seconds.
*Every 5th cast reveals position of all enemy units and buildings for 6 seconds. The global reveal only reveals position of invisible units but not the invisibility. Also cannot reveal magic immune units and Observer Towers
– Aoe : 1200       – Cooldown : 15        – Hot Key : S

BTNUnsummonBuilding  Devil   (requires Keep)
Keeps in your castle will increase attack damage of nearby defense structures by 666% for 30 seconds. Only castable and active during night.
– Aoe : 2300       – Cooldown : 30        – Hot Key : D

BTNSobiMask.JPG  Fool
Turns all your Gold Diggers and Lumberjacks invulnerable for 20 seconds.
– Cooldown : 20        – Hot Key : F

BTNChestOfGold  King   (requires Imperial Age)
Spends 10% of current gold to gain bonus points to attribute
(4+ every 100 gold spent, max 50 points) for 10 seconds.
– Cooldown : 45        – Mana Cost : 80        – Hot Key : G

BTNChariot4  Chariot
Teleports the Hero & any of its nearby troops (max 28 units) to a target friendly building.
– Casting Time : 5.5        – Aoe : 1200        – Cooldown : 20        – Mana Cost : 55
– Hot Key : C

BTNStoneArchitecture  Tower   (requires Watchers)
Builds immediately a permanent and invisible Observer Tower.  Has Tower Limit.
– Cooldown : 2        – Mana Cost : 50        – Hot Key : V

BTNGoldmine  Hermit
Summons an Ambassador for 20 seconds that can build Trading Post and Embassy. Enables construction of Grand Statue if you have 4 finished Trading Posts. Retires after construction begins.
– Cooldown : 20        – Mana Cost : 110        – Hot Key : B


Heroes’ Advisors have this list of abilities

BTNMoveAlternate  Follow Order
All your attackers (except minions holding position with disabled attack) will follow the order of the Hero : Move (left click) or Attack Move.

BTNChoose  Reset (requires Commander’s Presence buff)
Unlearns all of the Hero’s basic skills, allowing the Hero to learn different skills. Cannot use this ability if the Hero is dead or any of his/her basic skills are inactive (cooldown or not prepared).
– Cooldown : 300        – Hot Key : S

Castle Gate (lever)


BTNLoad  Open / Close Gate
If damaged, the gate repairs itself. Cannot close the gate for 10 seconds after it is destroyed.


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