Gyrocopter 2.0

Basic RGBA modified and upgraded Gyrocopter, it is now more plated and difficult for enemies to shoot down. Some old features have to be removed for this new design.


Attack Damage :   13 – 14
Produced by :   Workshop
Attack Speed :   2.55 Production Hot Key :   G
Attack Range :   450 Costs :   6200 gold / 55 lumber
Attack Type :   Pierce
Food used :   10
Attack Target :   Land and Air units
Build Time :   30
Armor :   Large / 2 Limit :   –
Health :   445
Unit Type / Class :   Mechanical / Adventurer
Health Regeneration : 0.25 Movement Type / Speed :   Fly / 300
Mana :   600
Day Sight :   1600
Mana Regeneration :   2
Night Sight :   800

Day 3 | Enlightenment Age | Library | Great Invention


BTNFlakCannons  Turret
Summons a Turret at a target point that can attack enemies for 20 seconds.
– Range : 500        Cooldown : 30        – Mana Cost  : 300        – Hot Key : F

truesight.gif  Resistant Armor   (passive, requires Load)
Reduces the duration of negative spells and renders the unit immune to certain spells. This unit will not be affected by Rain.

BTNLoad  Load   (passive)
Allows any minion that has Ride Gyrocopter to use on this unit. Ridden Gyrocopter will always refund 80% of the rider’s gold value if destroyed. Gyrocopter has below benefits when loaded :
– Resistant Armor
– restores hit points & mana based on the rider
– can use the rider’s main skills
– bonus hit points from this unit’s Rest

Common Abilities
BTNCRWarcry  Rampage


BTNSpell_Holy_MindVision  Sports Festival   (Keep)
Increases attack range of all Adventurer type minions by 150.

BTNOldRunePage  Printing Revolution   (Lumber Mill)
Upgrades Mechanical type minions, increasing their sight range of by 400. Whenever this unit is destroyed by enemy, your Hero will get 1 Card of Fate.

Basic Strategy

Use Turret in positions that are difficult to reach to maximize its effectiveness.

Pikeman, Archer, Knight, Rogue, Hunter, Sorceress, Priestess, Trickster, Monk, Dark Mage and Engineer Squad can ride the Gyrocopter.

It basically turns the land minions into flying units. The gyrocopter can use all the rider’s skills, except for Sleep, Debauchery, Imbued Clothe, True Sight and Deploy Trebuchet.

The ridden Gyrocopter is the most expensive unit in the game, but the unit can be very versatile and powerful, depending on your strategy.

While Gyrocopters are advantaged against land units without air attack, they are weak against other air units (Flying Dwarf, Pegasus Rider).

Website belowMinions

Village Hall
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Pikeman | Archer | Knight | Rogue | Hunter | Pegasus Rider

Sorceress | Priestess | Trickster | Monk | Dark Mage

Flying Dwarf | Engineer Squad | Gyrocopter 2.0


Trading Post

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Dragon | Bodyguard | Trebuchet | Wolf | Grizzly | Creeper

Fel Beast | Rebel (male) | Rebel (female) | Lord Knight | Cannoneer | Sniper


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