Basic RGBThe flood has forced many riflemen into the wilderness, endured and became hunters. This new experience has developed them a new set of abilities.


Attack Damage :   29 – 31 Produced by :   Arena
Attack Speed :   2.1 Production Hot Key :   E
Attack Range :   500 Costs :   4000 gold
Attack Type :   Pierce
Food used :   6
Attack Target :   Land and Air units
Build Time :   18
Armor :   Medium / 1 Limit :   –
Health :   465 Unit Type / Class :   Male Dwarf / Adventurer
Health Regeneration :   0.25 Movement Type / Speed  :   Walk / 270
Mana :   450
Day Sight :   1400
Mana Regeneration :   1.5
Night Sight :   800

Day 3 | Industrial Age


BTNWolf  Hunting Dog
Summons a Dog that can attack enemies for 60 seconds.
– Cooldown : 75        – Mana Cost : 250        – Hot Key : C

BTNShadowPact  Decoy
Creates a copy of a friendly ground minion for 90 seconds. The illusion deals no damage & receives 40 times damage. Maximum of 8 copies.

– Range : 500        – Cooldown : 7        – Mana Cost : 400        – Hot Key : V

BTNBiggamehunterAdv  Big Game Hunter   (passive)
Each attack against Unarmored minion will deal bonus damage equal to 9% of its maximum hit points.

BTNAmbush3  Cloak of Shadows   (passive, requires Hawkeye)
Fades into shadows, gaining invisibility. If this unit attacks or using skills during day, it will become visible.  4 seconds fading time.

Common Abilities
BTNSleep23  Rest            BTNCRWarcry  Rampage            BTNLoad  Ride Gyrocopter


BTNStrongDrink  Debauchery   (House)
All men will have 15% Evasion.

BTNAdvancedUnholyStrength  Stone Skin   (Academy)
Increases armor of all Dwarven minions by 3.

BTNSpell_Holy_MindVision  Sports Festival   (Keep)
Increases attack range of all Adventurer type minions by 150.

BTNHawkeye  Hawkeye   (Explorer’s Battleplan)
Sniper Training – Increases attack range of Hunters by 100 and gives them the ability Cloak of Shadows.

Basic Strategy

Hunters are sturdy long ranged attacker, capable of summoning minions to aid them.

Generally, Hunters are good against Archer, Monk
and air units (Flying Dwarf, Gyrocopter, Pegasus Rider).

They are weak against Pikeman, Sorceress, Knight and Dark Mage.

Both Hunting Dog and Decoy can be used to scout the map.
Hunting Dog is good at absorbing some attacks from Rampaging enemies.
Decoy can be used to deceive or confuse enemies, but better used at base due to its high mana cost.

Website belowMinions

Village Hall
Builder | Gold Digger | Lumberjack | Caravan

Pikeman | Archer | Knight | Rogue | Hunter | Pegasus Rider

Sorceress | Priestess | Trickster | Monk | Dark Mage

Flying Dwarf | Engineer Squad | Gyrocopter 2.0


Trading Post

Dog | Turret | Ambassador | Crypt Fiend
Dragon | Bodyguard | Trebuchet | Wolf | Grizzly | Creeper

Fel Beast | Rebel (male) | Rebel (female) | Lord Knight | Cannoneer | Sniper


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