The castle’s heart, where nobles gather, live & serve guests.


Attack Damage :   – Built by :   Builder (Human)
Attack Speed :   – Production Hot Key :   E
Attack Range :   – Costs :   4500 gold / 120 lumber
Attack Type :   –
Food provided :   –
Attack Target :   –
Build Time :   107
Armor :   Fortified / 5 Limit :   –
Health :   3750 Day Sight :   1800
 Repair :  Yes Night Sight :   1200

Prerequisites :
Imperial Age | Battleplan


BTNTrickster3  Trickster  (requires Debauchery, Travelers, Keep, Grand Entertainment)

BTNThe_BlackArcher  Sentinel Statue    (requires Arsenal, Well of life, Keep)

BTNGlove  Grand Statue    (requires Keep, 4 Trading Posts)


BTNImbuedMasonry3  Improved Architecture   (passive)
Gives 5 additional armor to your nearby buildings.

– Aoe : 2200

BTNUnsummonBuildingpas  Horror Castle   (passive, requires Devil)
Increases attack damage of nearby structures by 666% damage.

– Aoe : 2300

Common Abilities
BTNCharm2  Commander’s Presence


BTNIndustrialAge  Industrial Age   (requires Academy)
Sees invention of many advanced technologies and machines.
– Supports : Hunter, Workshop, Great Invention

BTNEnlightenmentAge3  Enlightenment Age   (requires Academy)
Intellectual and philosophical movement.
– Supports : Library, War Horses (level 2), Pegasus Rider, Meditation, Monk, Gyrocopter 2.0

BTNPunishment  Dark Age   (requires Academy)
Necessary evil of any civilization.
– Supports : Shadow Dungeon, Rogue, Cult Worship, Dark Mage

BTNDiplomacy new  Diplomacy   (requires Academy)
Improve foreign relations with other races of the realm to receive discount of certain items in Market.
– Supports : Pandaren Embassy, Naga Embassy, Nerubian Embassy

BTNSpell_Holy_MindVision  Sports Festival   (requires Academy)
Increases attack range of all Adventurer type minions by 150.
(Archer, Hunter, Flying Dwarf, Gyrocopter 2.0)

BTNGrandentertainment  Grand Entertainment   (requires Debauchery, Travelers, Academy)
Keeps the masses entertained.
– Supports : Trickster

Basic Strategy

It is recommended to build this structure as soon as possible, as it unlocks many advanced units. Build inside the castle to get the Commander’s Presence and Improved Architecture. If built inside castle, can also get the ability Horror Castle from Devil.

Website belowBuildings

Human Builder
Village Hall
| Lumber Mill | Stable | House | Watch Tower | Keep
Academy | Workshop | Arena | Market | Arsenal

Elven Builder
Altar of Legends
| Shrine | Tower of Wonder | Arcane Tower | Shadow Dungeon
Library | Living Statue | Enchanted Tree | University | Well of Life | Inn

Sentinel Statue
| Grand Statue

Trading Post
| Pandaren Embassy | Naga Embassy | Nerubian Embassy

Observer Tower
| Guard Tower

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