Set A items

Card of Fate

Magic card that can be imbued with special power. Refer to common abilities for all spells this item offers.

Soul Scythe
+30 damage
+15 life steal
+50% mana regen
Soul Strike (active)

Adds 30 attack damage and 30% life steal for 20 seconds.
Cooldown : 25     Mana Cost : 75

Infinity Spear
+11 to all attributes
+50% attack speed
Multiply (active)

Creates illusion of a friendly ground unit for 60 seconds. The illusion deals 20% damage and receives double damage.
Range : 500     Cooldown : 20     Mana Cost : 55

Wizard Kit
+15 intelligence
+240 hit points
+3 armor
Magic Trick (passive)
Restore Mana (active)

Whenever enemy Hero casts a spell nearby you, there is a 50% chance to gain 1 extra Card of Fate. Restores 125 mana to all friendly units in an area around your Hero.
Aoe : 900     Cooldown : 25     Mana Cost : 80

BTNPathfinder 03
Seven League Boots
+16 agility
+340 mana
+50 movement speed
Teleport (active)

Teleports Hero to a target friendly building.
Casting Time : 3     Cooldown : 25     Mana Cost : 50

Butcher Knife
+22 strength
+5 food
Maim (passive)
Sharpen (active)

Maim allows each attack to reduce movement speed of Heroes by 30% for 5 seconds. Sharpen increases attack damage of Hero by 30% for 20 seconds. Food bonus does not stack.
Cooldown : 20     Mana Cost : 70


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