Set B items

Orb of Fire and Ice
+20 damage
Duality (active)

Duality gives hit point or mana bonus. If target your own minion, will cast Friendly Fire that deals 2000 damage. Hero gains 370 mana as bonus. If target an enemy minion, will cast Frost Bolt that deals 450 damage and stuns for 0.5 seconds. Hero gains 360 hit points as bonus.
Range : 800     Cooldown : 10     Mana Cost : 80

Unholy Grail

+13 Intelligence
Vampiric Aura (passive)
Pollute (passive)

Vampiric Aura gives nearby friendly melee units gain 13% of their attack damage when they hit enemy units. Pollute deals 66 normal chaos damage per second to nearby enemy units that are Maimed. The damage will not kill.
Aoe : 666

Chicken Dagger

+23 Agility
+5 Food
Blink (active)

Blink teleports Hero a short distance, allowing it to move in and out of combat. Food bonus does not stack.
Range : 1000     Cooldown : 15     Mana Cost : 130

Manual of the Prince

+50% mana regen
Politics (passive)
Sow Dissension (active)

Politics gives bonus point to all attributes based on periodic xp (xp/20).
Sow Dissension deals damage to a Hero multiple times based on different types of trained minion he’s currently control (1 + unit types total). Each instance increases damage dealt by 60.
Range : 800     Cooldown : 10     Mana Cost : 65

Flavor of Time

+45% attack speed
+2 hp regen
+30 movement speed
Rewind (active)

Rewind resets cooldowns of the Hero’s active Basic Skills.
Cooldown : 60     Mana Cost : 160

BTNElemental Shield
Rainbow Shield

+10 Strength
+20% evasion
+30% magic reduction
Illuminate (active)

Allows your nearby minions to reduce magic damage received by half for 4 seconds.
Aoe : 500     Cooldown: 60     Mana Cost : 70

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