Set C items

Ghost Sweeper’s Talisman
+12 Agility
+290 mana
+75% mana regeneration
Past Life (active)

Transforms an enemy unit into a random critter for 8 seconds.
Range : 800     Cooldown : 15

Mirror of Demon Revealing
+25 damage
+21 Intelligence
Reveal Weakness (active)

Reduces armor of all enemies in a target area by 3 and gives vision of them for 20 seconds. If enemy is illusion, reduces armor by 6 instead.
Range/Aoe : 800/500     Cooldown : 20

Divne Lotus
+30 movement speed
Transcendence (passive)
Avatar (active)

Transcendence allows each Hero level to gain 1 bonus point to all attributes. Avatar grants spell immunity for 9 seconds.
Cooldown : 35

Dragon’s Call
+30 damage
+300 hit points
Dragon’s Breath (passive)

Gives a 25% chance that an attack will create a cone of fire at enemy units that deals 60 damage.
Aoe : 375

Bamboo Shield
+14 Strength
Natural Armor (passive)
Natural Healing (active)

Natural Armor increase armor of nearby friendly units by 2. Natural Healing restores 250 health to nearby friendly organic units.
Aoe : 850     Cooldown : 30     Mana Cost : 100

Mystical Brew
+30% attack speed
+3 hp regeneration
Essence Drain (passive)
Banish (active)

Whenever Hero deals spell damage to a nearby enemy unit, drains its mana equal to 15% of the damage. Banish turns a unit ethereal and slows its movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds. Ethereal creatures cannot attack or be attacked, but they can cast spells and certain spells cast upon them will have a greater effect.
Range/Aoe : 800/1500     Cooldown : 15     Mana Cost : 50


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