Set D items

Voice of Siren
+19 intelligence
+100% mana regen
Charm II (passive)
Sleep (active)

If Hero is attacked by an enemy minion of opposite gender, there is a 50% chance that their attacks will miss 50% for 5 seconds. Sleep renders a target unit to turn invulnerable and unable to move for 3 seconds.
Range : 800     Cooldown : 10     Mana Cost : 50

+35 damage
+18 strength
Torrent (active)

Blasts enemy units with Torrent that deals 30 damage to the target and 90 splash damage. Cold damage slows units’ movement and attack rate for 6 seconds.
Range/Aoe : 800/150     Cooldown : 12     Mana Cost : 125

Mask of Sea Witch
+35% attack speed
+310 mana
Horrify (passive)
Silence (active)

Horrify slows movement speed of nearby enemy units by 35% (450 aoe). Silence stops all enemies in a target area from casting spells for 12 seconds.
Range/Aoe : 700/200     Cooldown : 25     Mana Cost : 70

Kraken Shield
+9 armor
+5 hp regen
Smite (active)

Pushes an enemy ground unit away, dealing 180 damage and stunning for 1 second.
Range : 150     Cooldown : 13     Mana Cost : 100

+24 agility
Lightning Strike (passive)

Gives a 25% chance that an attack will do 120 bonus damage and stun an opponent for 0.6 seconds.

Naga Helm
+9 to all Attributes
+180 hit points
Wind Walk (active)

Allows Hero to become invisible, and move 20% faster for 20 seconds. If Hero attacks a unit to break invisibility, the attack will do 100 bonus damage.
Cooldown : 10     Mana Cost : 70



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