Set E items

Ancient Jar
+400 mana
+125% mana regen
Funeral (passive)

If your minion dies nearby Hero, gains charges equal to its food cost (max 99). Gives xp and gold periodically equal to the charges and release 1 charge after that. Free 30 charges. Cannot be sold.
Aoe : 1500

Ankh of Rebirth
Reincarnation (passive)
Renewed Spirit (passive)

Randomly gives 20 to Strength, Agility or Intelligent. When killed, the Hero will come back to life and the bonus attribute randomized again. Does not stack.
Cooldown : 300     Mana Cost : 600

Ring of Power
+420 hit points
+40 movement speed
Power Overwhelming (passive)
Recharge (active)

Power Overwhelming improves Ultimate Skill. Recharge restores power to full.
Cooldown : 18     Mana Cost : 70

Scarab Amulet
+40% attack speed
Luck (passive)
Ward Evil (passive)
Finery (active)

Luck gives a 15% chance you will receive 100% gold refund from your dead minions. Ward Evil deals 35 damage to enemy air units when they attack Hero. Finery gives 17 bonus points to selected Strength, Agility or Intelligence.
Cooldown : 6     Mana Cost : 20

Orb of Sands
+4 hp regen
Mold (passive)
Shifting Sands (active)

Mold gives bonus 1-18 points to Strength, Agility and Intelligence individually. Shifting Sands swaps position with a ground minion. If target is enemy minion, the bonus attributes from Mold will be randomized again.
Range : 500     Cooldown : 12     Mana Cost : 80

Tome of the Dead
+5 armor
Underworld Knowledge (passive)
Things From Below (active)

Underworld Knowledge restores 9 mana to Hero whenever a nearby unit dies (900 aoe). Things From Below allows your to summon 3 Crypt Fiends from a corpse that are good at attacking air units for 30 seconds.
Cooldown : 40     Mana Cost : 90


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