Village Hall

village hall

Main agriculture building.


Attack Damage :   – Built by :   Builder (Human)
Attack Speed :   – Production Hot Key :   V
Attack Range :   – Costs :   4000 gold / 100 lumber
Attack Type :   –
Food provided :   –
Attack Target :   –
Build Time :   94
Armor :   Fortified / 5 Limit :   1
Health :   3300 Day Sight :   1800
 Repair :  Yes Night Sight :   1200

Minions Trained

Gold Digger


Common Abilities
BTNCharm2  Commander’s Presence


BTNImperialAge  Imperial Age
Advances the castle to open up new units and technology.
– Supports : Keep, Academy, King, Fortitude

BTNFamily  Family Planning   (requires House)
Permanently gives additional 10 food and 10 bonus Ration XP.

Basic Strategy

Can receive Gold and Lumber.

Even though the limit of this building is only 1, the castle starts with a free unique Village Hall that is irreplaceable. That means you can have 2 Village Halls if the initial building is not destroyed.

Build inside castle to gain the ability Commander’s Presence.

Website belowBuildings

Human Builder
Village Hall
| Lumber Mill | Stable | House | Watch Tower | Keep
Academy | Workshop | Arena | Market | Arsenal

Elven Builder
Altar of Legends
| Shrine | Tower of Wonder | Arcane Tower | Shadow Dungeon
Library | Living Statue | Enchanted Tree | University | Well of Life | Inn

Sentinel Statue
| Grand Statue

Trading Post
| Pandaren Embassy | Naga Embassy | Nerubian Embassy

Observer Tower
| Guard Tower


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